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I said some words to my math teacher regarding her calling my mom (resulting in my three week groundage). Basically, I burst into tears and my teacher was like. K, guidance, do it. Well, I told the social worker my life story. She's calling my mom tomorrow morning to tell her that getting me a therapist isn't something she can push off forever.

I made a new journal, just because knowing that my rl friends read this and that it can affect me in rl makes me hesitant to be completely honest :/ If you comment here, I'll still be notified that you commented via email and be able to respond.
So first of all, what the fuck Brain. I thought we were done with that.

Well, Leah, I thought we were done with seeing him.

True story, so did I. But still. You couldn't hold out for, like, half an hour?

No. As long as you don't see him again we won't have problems. But I think we both know how weak we are for a boys who make us laugh.

Fat And Alone

I wish I didn't get swayed so easily by the power of suggestion. Nothing worth notation is really happening to me, for the most part.

though, I might be embarking on a period of nearly consistent depressionCollapse )

Sep. 21st, 2008

If I died of mercury poisoning from all the tuna I eat, it would be worth it.
Dear Frank Iero,

Does it suck that all of your fans are 14-17 year old girls? From the very bottom of my heart you have my apologies regarding the fact that you can't go anywhere without a screeching girl trying to talk to you. And that a lot of said girls don't actually appreciate your music. And that they claim they love you, and ask to marry you. And that they bitch and moan about your 'stache. Also that they write stories about you having sex with your bandmates...and other people...and animals...No, really they did that once. Oh, god and they made Gerard a tranny.

I'd also like to apologize for being one of these girls, though I do like to consider myself someone who does appreciate your music. I hope one day you get the fans you deserve.

I love my Dad. He may not drown me in gifts, but he's a really sweet guy. :)